Trump with Australian PM Malcolm- Trump dont care

In a tense telephone call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, President Donald Trump  said Canberra of trying to export terrorists to the US, pledging to review a “dumb deal” to take in hundreds of asylum seekers.


Its The Trump Way of talking and  again he cleared his stand that he dont care what the hell you are .

Worst so far’: Trump ‘hangs up’ on Australian PM

In a tweet on Wednesday night, in which he referred to the asylum seekers as “illegal immigrants,” Trump wrote:

Trump had described the Saturday phone call with the leader of Australia, which had been scheduled to last 60 minutes but reportedly took less than half that, as “the worst so far,” the Washington Post said, citing unidentified senior US officials briefed on the call.

Trump said he was “going to get killed” politically, accusing Canberra of an attempt to export the “next Boston bombers,” the newspaper said.

According to the Australian Department of Immigration, there are 383 detainees on Nauru and 871 on Manus in northern Papua New Guinea.


The US officials also told the Post that although Trump had been firm in conversations with other state leaders, including Mexico, his treatment of Turnbull stood out because of the special bond between the US and Australia, countries which fought together in wars including in Iraq and Afghanistan and shared intelligence.


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