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War & Conflict

Drone attack on Saudi airport

Yemen‘s Houthi rebels have carried out a drone attack at Saudi Arabia‘s southwestern Abha International Airport. Houthi spokesman Yahya Sari claimed that drone strikes had hit sensitive areas of the airport on Friday evening.   Abha International Airport operates domestic and regional routes to Saudi Arabia from Abha Airport, 200 kilometres north of the Yemeni border. […]

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War & Conflict

Colombia peace deal – A Historic agreement of 2016

Image copyright EPA The Colombian government and left-wing Farc rebels are set to sign a historic agreement deal that formally brings an end to 52 years of civil war. The last of the major Cold War conflicts killed 260,000 people and left six million internally displaced. President Juan Manuel Santos and rebel leader Timoleon Jimenez, known

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Poland’s ex-president Walesa ‘I would shoot’ Russian jets buzzing past US ships “

Poland’s former president and democracy icon Lech Walesa said he would not hesitate to “knock off the wing” of Russian jets if he were in charge of the US destroyer Donald Cook. “If I were the commander of this ship, if these [Russian] planes were flying I would shoot them. But not to kill. I

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‘Stay away from Russian borders or keep transponders on’: Russian MoD on US spy planes in Baltics

  Russian Defense Ministry suggests US surveillance planes should either keep their distance from Russian borders while performing flights over the Baltic Sea, or at least keep aerial transponders switched on for identification. “There are two solutions for the US Air Force [operating in the Baltic Sea]: either do not fly near our borders, or

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