Bangladesh Election 2018

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?? Bangladesh New Cabinet Takes Oath to Rule !

The New cabinet with young face takes oath to rule the people of Bangladesh in most democratic way ! . With 100% fair election in the history of Bangladesh ? . Hail Hydra ! The new council of ministers — including 24 ministers, 19 state ministers and three deputy ministers took oath today at a […]

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Bangladesh Military News

Nobody Can say Army sided with Anybody : Bangladesh Army Chief About 11th Election

In Bangladesh 11th general election Around 50,000 Army personal was deployed as a striking force around the country .Military deployment is a common phenomenon in national elections of Bangladesh . But the allegation of irregularities in presence of Army is rare . Bangladesh army regarded as the most prestigious and trusted organization in Bangladesh .

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World leaders Congratulated Sheikh Hasina on Election Victory

After landslide victory in December 30 election world leaders welcomed Sheikh Hasina in her third term in office . Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang , Russian president Vladimer Putin , Indian Premier Narendra Modi,Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and the crown prince , Iranian president Ruhani congratulated Sheikh Hasina

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