Nobody Can say Army sided with Anybody : Bangladesh Army Chief About 11th Election

In Bangladesh 11th general election Around 50,000 Army personal was deployed as a striking force around the country .Military deployment is a common phenomenon in national elections of Bangladesh . But the allegation of irregularities in presence of Army is rare . Bangladesh army regarded as the most prestigious and trusted organization in Bangladesh .

In an event Bangladesh Army Chief General Aziz Ahmed commented about Bangladesh Army role in the election .

We tried to ensure so that the people could cast their votes without any fear and return home safely. Considering this, I think people’s confidence and trust in army will increase for the way it discharged its duties. No one can say we sided with Anybody “

Army Chief General Aziz Ahmed

The army chief clearly said Bangladesh Army didn’t favored anybody in the Election and Completed its Duty on direction of Election Commission .

Army Role in 30 December Election

The army deployment in the 11th National election was limited to ” In aid of Civil Power ” . Like previous Genarel Election in 2001 & 2008 where Army Acted independently and had the power to arrest and use force in violation of electoral code of conduct .What was key to a Credible election .

‘In aid to civil power’

In the 30 December pool , Military had to follow CrPC (Code of Criminal Procedure) directed by the Election Commission . In this direction the army cannot make an intervention, arrest or Use force ,without emergency . Under the ‘in aid to civil power’, the Armed Forces members had to stay at ‘nodal points’ and other convenient points in every district/upazila/metropolitan areas, and can Intervene, use force Under permission of civil Magistrate or if Civil authority ask to intervene .

Citizen of Bangladesh used to experience Fresh and credible election under Army supervision in past . If any manipulation happened in the 30 January election , As per law It was beyond Jurisdiction of Bangladesh Army to take action without direction of civil authority . So the responsibility & Burden is on Election Commission and Government .


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Whatever in the end of the day peoples last resort is Bangladesh Armed Forces .As per constitution and history Bangladesh Army serve the Nation not its Politician .

Loyalty to the Nation
Not To The System


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