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Farnborough Airshow

Paris Air show : Boeing, Airbus race to increase production

Paris Air Show 2023 is finally here, and it’s a thrilling time for aviation enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. world’s largest and oldest air show is back after a hiatus due to the pandemic, and it promises to showcase of latest innovations and developments in aerospace technology. One of main attractions of show is the […]

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Microsoft says June Outlook outages were a DDoS Cyberattacks

If you use Microsoft’s online services such as Outlook and OneDrive, you may have experienced some disruptions in early June. Microsoft has now confirmed that these disruptions were caused by cyberattacks from a group called **Anonymous Sudan**  . What is Anonymous Sudan? Anonymous Sudan is a new hacker group that emerged in 2023 and claimed

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Bangladesh Banking System
Bangladesh Business News

Bangladesh’s Banking Sector in ¬†Severe US Dollar Shortage

Many Bangladesh banks cannot pay the LC liabilities on the due date. There is a delay of one month in the payment of some liabilities. In this situation, Bangladesh’s image of the banking sector is being undermined by the foreign banks that have guaranteed LC. Many foreign banks have now started reducing their credit lines

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