Paris Air show : Boeing, Airbus race to increase production

Farnborough Airshow

Paris Air Show 2023 is finally here, and it’s a thrilling time for aviation enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. world’s largest and oldest air show is back after a hiatus due to the pandemic, and it promises to showcase of latest innovations and developments in aerospace technology.

One of main attractions of show is the fierce competition between Boeing and Airbus, two giants of commercial aviation. Both companies are eager to impress potential customers and investors with their new products and services, as well as to demonstrate their ability to cope with challenges posed by post-Covid era. Boeing stock usually gains from Paris Air Show, as the company showcases its best-selling models and announces new orders and deals. However, this year, Boeing faces some headwinds, as it tries to recover from 737 Max crisis and a slowdown in demand for wide-body jets.

Airbus, on the other hand, has been gaining market share and momentum with its popular A320neo family of narrow-body jets, which offer greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions than older models. Airbus also has an edge in the long-haul segment, with its A350 and A330neo jets, which compete with Boeing’s 787 and 777X. Airbus is expected to announce several new orders and commitments at show, as well as to unveil some new features and enhancements for its existing products.

Another highlight of show is debut of the T925 heavy helicopter mock-up by Turkish Aerospace, a state-owned company that aims to become a global player in defence and aerospace sector. T925 is a twin-engine helicopter that can carry up to 15 passengers or 5 tons of cargo, and can operate in various weather conditions and terrains. helicopter is designed to meet needs of both civilian and military customers, and can perform missions such as search and rescue, firefighting, medical evacuation, VIP transport, and combat support. Turkish Aerospace plans to start production of T925 in 2025, and hopes to attract interest from both domestic and international markets.

Paris Air Show 2023 is a showcase of the diversity and dynamism of the aviation industry, as it grapples with an uncertain future. show offers a glimpse into trends and technologies that will shape the future of flight, as well as opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for both established and emerging players. show is also a celebration of passion and creativity that drives aviation community, as it strives to make flying safer, greener, faster, and more enjoyable for everyone.

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