Electricity sector in Bangladesh

Collection of All News regarding the Booming electricity sector of Bangladesh.
The utility electricity sector in Bangladesh has one national grid with an installed capacity of 15,379 MW as on February 2017. Bangladesh’s energy sector is booming.

Bangladesh Business News

USD 7.61 Billion Dollar For Railways, Power & Army: ECNEC January – April 2019

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina lead government allocated more than 7.6 billion dollar development project in the first four months of 2019. Most of the development allocation was for electricity and Railway.As this government put emphasis on energy and communication this will further boost the capability of this Nations overall growth. From this 7.6 billion dollarsĀ 2.2 […]

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Bangladesh Business News

Booming Energy Sector of Bangladesh : 90 Percent Have Access To The Elctrecity

Bangladesh witnessed rapid growth in GDP and United Nations Sustainable developmentĀ goal indicator in last eight years. With a 285 Billion dollar GDP, Most of rural Bangladesh is now under electricity. According to the Bangladesh Power development Board Bangladesh now have sixteen thousand megawatts electricity generating capacity. The allocation for the power sector in the annual

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