Are Bangladesh and India allies?

Bangladesh is an Ally of India but many security experts termed India as a potential threat to Bangladesh. India previously annexed Tripura in 1972, Sikkim in 1975. The controversy around Indian influence in Nepal and Bhutan is a headache for Bangladesh defense analyst. For its geographical position, Bangladesh’s capacity to mount a conventional defense against India is limited so Dhaka established China as its primary ally.

Bangladesh & India is friendly neighbours and historically have good relations. Indian citizens working in Bangladesh send $3.7 billion to their country. Bangladesh is the fifth largest remittance-earning country for India . India & Bangladesh receives the majority of international tourists from each other. According to the Press Information Bureau of India, 29.65 per cent, Foreign Tourist Arrivals is from Bangladesh. Bangladesh allowed India to ferry food and grains to landlocked Northeast India’s using its territory and infrastructure. With great friendly relation with Bangladesh and India – still, They have some differences.

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