The Current US Ambassador to Bangladesh is 
Earl R. Miller , Appointed by President Donald Trump 

NominatorThe President of the United States
AppointerThe President
with Senate advice and consent
FormationFebruary 28, 1974
WebsiteU.S. Embassy – Dhaka

Ambassador of the United States to Bangladesh is  Representative of the President of the United States to Bangladesh .

US president Richard Nixon who opposed the Independence of Bangladesh appointed Hermann F. Eilts as ambassador to Bangladesh on September 11, 1972, but Eilts declined the appointment . From 1972–April 1974 US embassy was headed by Chargé d’Affaires ad interim .

 Then  In 1974 Davis Eugene Boster   was appointed as First ambassadors of the United States to Bangladesh. He witnessed the Assassination of Bangladesh Founding Father ” Sheikh Mujibur Rahman ” in 1975.

NoAmbassador of the United
States to Bangladesh
Year of Service 
16Earl R. Miller 2018 – 
15Marcia Bernicat2015 – 2018
14Dan Mozena 2011 – 2015 
13 James F. Moriarty2008 – 2011
12Patricia A. Butenis 2006 – 2007
11Harry K. Thomas, Jr. 2003 – 2005

10Mary Ann Peters 2000 – 2003
9John C. Holzman 1997-2000
8David Nathan Merrill1994-1997
7William B. Milam 1990-1993
6Willard Ames De Pree1987-1990
5Howard Bruner Schaffer 1984-1987
4Jane Abell Coon 1981-1984
3David T. Schneider 1978-1981
2Edward E. Masters1976-1977
1Davis Eugene Boster1974-1976

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