Bangladesh Armed force is result of Revolutionary Bengali Nationalist movement and Armed resistance against foreign occupation of peoples of Bengal in 1971 . After conquering Bengal in 1757 by diplomacy rather than war , British faced Most of the armed resistance and highest causality in the Bengal presidency in its 200 years of Rule. 

When British left they divided Bengal in two parts rather a United Bengal proposal made by its people and Leaders .The Pakistani to acted like Imperial British , Even greater than British oppression . They tried to change the language Bengali speak, took all of the foreign income and started to discriminate in Military Rank .

In the night of March 25 1971 They launched genocidal operation fearing Its Bengali Leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman may declare Independence . But the well prepared Pakistani force faced heroic resistance from the Bengali paramilitary , police and Military personal all over Bangladesh . In 26 March Most of the Bengali military , paramilitary , police personal left the barracks and started to unite. Bengali military contingent in Chittagong leaded by Major Zia took control of the Kalurghat radio station in the cost and radioed the Independence Declaration of Bangladesh declared by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman . 

Then the thousands civilian joined the existing 8000 Bengali Military personal , 130000 Paramilitary and 30,000 Police Force as Bangladesh Forces popularly Mukti Bahini.

Initially the 1,75,000 force took refuge in former Bengal presidency states under India’s , west Bengal , Tripura , Assam and launched full scale attacks on Strong 365,000 Pakistani force . 
In 9 months war the backbone of Pakistani force was broken . In December 3 Pakistan attacked India and India joined the war . As already Bangladesh forces took control of the most of Bangladesh Indian army advancement was not duly necessary .In 16th December Pakistan surrender to joint forces but controversially Bangladesh Forces Commander M. A. G. Osmani was not present and His Helicopter was shoot down in Indian army controlled area when he was on the way to Dhaka .
After the independence Bangladesh Armed force with strong Nationalistic philosophy and courage achieved highest standards of professionalism and now one of the highest performing United nations peacekeeping force in the world .

Name of The Organization Bangladesh Armed Forces
Alternate Name বাংলাদেশ সশস্ত্র বাহিনী
Parent Organization People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Legal Name Armed Forces Division
Founding Date 1971-04-04
Location Bangladesh
Founder Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Logo/Seal Logo Image of the Entity
Key Roles All deployment of troops with or without any special equipment within or outside country for any operational, peace-keeping, disaster management or humanitarian assistance role – are processed through this Division.

To defend sovereignty and territorial integrity.
· To plan and develop the mobilization of civil resources in support of land operations.
· To aid the civil administrations in maintenance of internal security and law and order situation, when assigned.
· To assist the civil administration in managing the disasters and natural calamities, when requested.
· To take part in nation development activities as and when asked for. · To support United Nations Peacekeeping Operations.
· To take part in coalition operations with other nations if authorized by the parliament.
Editorial Review From centuries Bengal was dubbed as unconquerable , where The Alexander the great withdraws his forces from south Asia Fearing the Ganges Delta tribes ” Gangaridai “in 326 BC . Imperial powers always tried to control the Land of Bengal . in 1971 we achieved independence after 214 years from Battle of Palasy . But Keeping the nation state safe from all of imperial master plan is not a easy task . Bangladesh Armed force was aware , and must have to aware in future to the threat within the smile .
Number Of Employees Active Personal: 2,02,000
Reserve :9,63,900
Available for military service : 36,520,491
Brief The Bangladesh Armed Forces consists of the three military services: the Bangladesh Army, the Bangladesh Navy and the Bangladesh Air Force.

Bangladesh Armed Forces activity and responsibility is defined in Constitution of Bangladesh Chapter 6 article 61 to 63 .The forces is governed by ” The army act 1952 ,THE ARMED FORCES (RECRUITMENT AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE) ACT 1948 , The Tolls (Army and Air-Force)Act 1901, The Army and Air Force Reserves Act, 1950, The Civil Defence Act 1952, The Defence Services (Inquiry) (Special Provisions) Ordinance 1969 & The Works of Defence Act, 1903,The Navy Ordinance, 1961, The Navy (Extension of Service) Act, 1950, The Air Force (Extension of Service) Act, 1952, The Air Force Act, 1953 . The National Guard Act, 1950

The President of Bangladesh is the Commander-in-chief of the military, The Director Generals of the NSI, the DGFI and the BGB also serve in an advisory capacity. The of Bangladesh army is ·
Area Served Bangladesh & Anywhere Needs to served
Key Departments Bangladesh Army
Bangladesh Navy
Bangladesh Air Force
Budget Info USD $3.45 billion in 2018 (Not including Paramilitary Forces) 1.20% of Bangladesh GDP
Sub Organization Directorate General of Forces Intelligence
President Guard Regiment (PGR) – Bangabhaban (President’s Office)
Special Security Force (SSF) – Prime Minister’s Office
Para-Commando Brigade(The Cheetahs) – Under Command AHQ Bangladesh Army
Special Warfare Diving And Salvage (SWADS)
41 squadron airborne –
Bangladesh National Cadet Corps (BNCC)
Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB)
Bangladesh Coast Guard (BCG)
memberOf United nations Peacekeeping Forces, Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition
Awards Bangladesh Armed forces have various gallantry, service and war medals for heroic actions in war and extraordinary professionalism. Wartime gallantry awards
Bir Sreshtho
Bir Uttom
Bir Bikrom
Bir Protik
Peacetime gallantry awards
Bir Sorbottam-
Bir Mrittunjoee-
Bir Chiranjib-
Bir Durjoy-
Service medel :
Order of Military Merit
Extraordiary Service Medal
Distinguished Service Medal
Street Address Dhaka Cantonment
Telephone +880983-4324
email [email protected]
Official Website
Bangladesh Army Army
Bangladesh Navy Navy
Bangladesh Air force Airforce
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