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DHAKA – Bangladesh

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.The settlement in Dhaka dates back to a thousand years. 100 AD Greek Historian Claudius Ptolemy marked Dhaka as a fortified Military city in Ptolemy‘s world map of Asia , 350 Bc Megasthenes Described today’s Dhaka as rich trading and multicultural international trading Hub of Gangaridai. The 1000 BC Vanga/Banga […]

Bangladesh Banking System
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Motijheel Commercial Area . Dhaka

Motijheel is Bangladesh prime Commercial Area, Home of Central bank of Bangladesh and all National financial Institution. Most of the commercial bank and Financial institution is headquartered in Motijheel The residence of the President of Bangladesh ” Bangabhaban” is in Motijheel. The Name Motijheel MeaningĀ  ” Ponds of Pearl ” is a medievalĀ name for this

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