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Bangladesh Military News

3.87 Billion USD: Defense Budget of Bangladesh 2019-2020

Bangladesh Armed forces received 3.87 Billion dollar allocation for Defending the nation from the enemy what is 8.3% of its Total Budget. The size of Bangladesh GDP was US$ 72 billion in FY2005-06, which has now increased 4.5 times to US$ 302.4 billion. The size of the proposed budget for FY2019-20 is USD 62.28 Billion […]

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Bangladesh Military News

US selling $1.7 Billion Dollar F-16 to Bulgaria

The United State State department confirmed sale of F-16 to Bulgaria. The aircraft is F-16C/D block 70/72 variety. Approximately 3,000 operational F-16s are in service in 25 countries. With several types of precision-guided and unguided bombs. Bulgaria currently relies on the United States and Britain to participate in joint air policing Bulgaria’s Defense Minister Krasimir

Bangladesh Military News

Billion Dollar Submarine Base & Submarines to Add in Bangladesh Navy’s Inventory: 2019

Bangladesh government undertook a massive military infrastructure project for Bangladesh Navy to construct a heavily fortified navy submarine base in Bangladesh Cox Bazar district. According to various sources, Bangladesh Navy is going to construct a heavily fortified submarine base in defensive position beside Kutubdia Island channel, Magnama, Pekua Upazila of Cox Bazar . The submarine

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Link 22 – Bangladesh Armed Forces tactical data link

Bangladesh Armed forces use a secure digital radio link in the HF and UHF bands, primarily used by military forces as a tactical data link Call ” Bangla-22  ” . Its similar radio technology used by NATO, a secure radio system that provides Beyond Line-Of-Sight (BLOS) communications. Bangladesh Navy initiated the program to install tactical datalinks aboard shore establishments, warships,

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Bangladesh Military News

Bangladesh Air Force to get Eurofighter Typhoon, Sukhoi Su-30 & MiG-35.

Bangladesh Air Force to procure 12 Su-30 SME and 32 MiG-35 fighter aircraft for its aging Fleet. The Air Force also wants to diversify its defense equipment sourcing and has put emphasis on procuring NATO-standard military equipment. The Air Force is seeking to bolster its air combat capabilities through the induction of new generation state-of-the-art

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Bangladesh Military News

?? USA to Support ?? Bangladesh For Developing An Unmanned Aircraft System

The United state Department of Defense will be Supporting Bangladesh for developing an Unmanned Aircraft system (UAS) capability for deployment to UN peacekeeping operations . Statement from the US State department said: “Our pledge includes the provision of at least $13 million in support of Bangladesh’s commitment to develop an unmanned aerial system (UAS) capability

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Four Female Major Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in Bangladesh Army
Bangladesh Military News

Four Female Major Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in Bangladesh Army

In January 24, 2019 , Bangladesh Army promoted 4 female Major to Lieutenant Colonel. Its an another milestone of Women empowerment In Bangladesh . Bangladesh Army Chief of staff General Aziz Ahmed gave the Rank to the newly promoted offices in Army Headquarter , Dhaka Cantonment. Major to Lieutenant colonel Division Lt Col Sanjida Hossain

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Bangladesh Military News

Nobody Can say Army sided with Anybody : Bangladesh Army Chief About 11th Election

In Bangladesh 11th general election Around 50,000 Army personal was deployed as a striking force around the country .Military deployment is a common phenomenon in national elections of Bangladesh . But the allegation of irregularities in presence of Army is rare . Bangladesh army regarded as the most prestigious and trusted organization in Bangladesh .

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Bangladesh Military News

U.S Navy & Marines exercise With Bangladesh Navy in CARAT 2018

Bangladesh Navy started Training exercise with USA navy & Marines in chittagong . Titled Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) Started in , Nov. 4 2018. The last training cooperation with US navy was in 2014 . With nearly a half century of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Bangladesh, this year marks the 24th anniversary

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